PG Open 2013 videos are now available – and here is my talk!

Although the PG Open 2013 conference ended almost a month ago, I am still blogging about it – it was a really great event, which I enjoyed a lot (not like I didn’t say it already a several dozen times!). I knew, that all the talks at the conference were recorded, and yesterday the videos were published on Youtube. Today Chetana informed me ,that I can have a pleasure of viewing myself …. Well… you know, it’s often embarrassing to watch yourself on the video, seeing clearly what did you do wrong:). I know it’s supposed to be educational, you are supposed to watch it, to analyze you mistakes and to correct them next time you will deliver the same (or similar) talk. However… well, it’s still embarrassing… Nevertheless, I am embedding my presentation here, because,  with all it’s faults, I consider it to be the most detailed description of my current research field, and what exactly I am doing, and why it’s important…  Comments and questions are very welcomed!



October 19, 2013 · 10:27 am

5 responses to “PG Open 2013 videos are now available – and here is my talk!

  1. Lana S

    Finally I got what does Object-relational impedance mismatch mean (“on fingers”) and how to deal with it. Very good timing because we are going to build such kind of application right now. Hopefully we will not have to re-write anything in a future if we see a cause of possible problems in advance. Thank you Hettie.

  2. Thank you! I am really glad you found it useful! It’s really not that complicated, last Saturday I was able to explain it even to my friend Mary-Ann, who is a high school English teacher!

  3. Hello Henrietta, I just recently saw the recording of the talk you gave at Postgres Open 2013. Sadly, I was out-of-town attending another conference, and was sorry I missed the event. I did catch a previous version of your talk at the CPUG meetup several months back, when I believe you were in the midst of working through some of these problems in your environment.

    I really want to say that you did a wonderful job with this talk. I particularly appreciated the historical context of Imperative vs. Declarative Programming.
    Hope to see you around soon. Regards,

    • Thank you! I am glad you liked this specific part – I was very excited when I found the way to present this historical piece, and now I use it in all my classes for app developers. Actually, I already have a couple of “more improved” versions of this talk, and I am going to post one over the weekend. Also, my paper was accepted for the Industrial tack of EDBT conference in Athens, so I am going to present these findings to the rest of the world at the end of March. Stay tuned 🙂

    • Sorry, it took me a while to post about my last talk(s), and I still didn’t get the last recording in. Just FYI – there will be LOTS of interesting tech talks at Enova next week; I SHOULD (will desperately try:)) to come to PUG; the only obstacle is that I am leaving for EDBT conference on Fri, and I have literally every night busy before that…

      Also, for some reason I was having trouble subscribing to your blog. Could you possibly add “Follow” and “Follow via email” buttons?…

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