About Enova, and Why I Love Working Here

Yesterday I was on Skype with my ESL teacher for my English pronunciation class, and she asked me whether I am having a good time on my vacation.

-I am not on vacation, I am just working remotely! – I replied.

She was very surprised to hear this:

– Your company allows you to do this? That’s such a good company!

I told her: yes, that’t the best place I’ve  worked so far. And then I thought, that although I am telling people all the time, how much I love working for Enova, I never talked about this in that blog, so now it’s probably a good time for it!

I really love it here due to the number of reason:

– Because the majority of my co-workers are really passionate about their work, so I always feel that we share the same values, and it makes it easier to communicate and do things

– Because our management on all levels is super-flexible, and the only thing which is really important is that the job is done on time (not particular schedule or location)

– Everybody are ready to try new things, to learn from each other, and to learn in general

What really surprised and impressed me soon after I joined Enova, was:

– that it was the first of my workplaces in 17 years, where there were no objections to me going to the conferences, and not even to just “industrial” ones but “CS in general”;

-that it was a first place in 17 years where I could spend some of my work time writing scientific papers;

-that it was a first place in 10 years where I could teach classes to my co-workers;

– and it was the first place ever, where nobody asked me “What’s ACM?” but rather my manager told me: “Expense your membership!”

I’d say – that’s all I could possibly dream about :). And I guess, it’s not the last time I’m going to write about it 🙂



October 29, 2013 · 9:08 am

2 responses to “About Enova, and Why I Love Working Here

  1. I wish I could ever write such a thing…

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