Too Few Women in Tech Jobs – Stil…

Many years ago, when I was a consultant at Spehrion, I worked on multiple assignments in the City of Chicago BIS. One of many projects I was involved in, was developing EEOC reports. The EEOC stand for Equal Employment Opportunities Commission; all government agencies are required to submit to this commission a number of reports, which show the differences in the number of employees, average salaries, number of promotions and such, based on gender and ethnicity (and possibly other characteristics).

The actual results of these reports looks really alarming! When you just think about people you know, you may think: OK, I know quite a bit of women, who are executives, or at least managers, they are not discriminated based on their gender. I know a lot of female professionals, which are respected for their knowledge and expertise, and why in the world you say that women are treated unequally?

But they actually are! Even in the City of Chicago Mayor’s office, where they paid special attention to gender and racial equality, the average numbers where severely disproportional! You could tell, that women and minorities where actually paid less in the same position! When I tell people about my experience with the EEOC reports, they tend to disbelieve. So – did things changed in recent years?

This article, titled TOO FEW WOMEN IN FED TECH JOBS; TOO MANY CHALLENGES FOR THEM  discusses the most recent report, issued by Women’s Work Group of EEOC. This report shows, that women are still getting less STEM degrees, than men, but even when they have a degree, it’s still harder for them ti fund employment.

Yet even for women who hold STEM-related degrees, many still encounter challenges in being hired, promoted and supported than their male counterparts. The lower percentage of women with STEM-related degrees makes it more difficult for agencies to recruit qualified women to STEM positions, and for those who are employed, many experience isolation, a lack of support and mentorship, and hostility, EEOC found

the article says.

So – there is still a lot to do to promote gender equality in the STEM field, to liberate women’s minds, to reassure them they can do great things!


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