Enova Tech Conference and my talk

Today was the day of the first Enova Tech Conf, and I’ve presented there.

Here is my presentation, and let me tell you, this is definitely the least technical version of this presentation I ever gave. That was on purpose, and I tried very hard to remove all technical details – I’ve already heard lots of comments to the effect that nobody can understand it, and my goal is actually to make sure people understand what I am doing. How else I could get people on my side?!

I was asked to limit my presentation to 30 minutes, and the “original” one is about 1 h 15 min (this will be the length of the talks I will be giving in Moscow and Saint- Petersburg at the end of February). So this was quite a challenge. I tried very hard but still ended up having it 35 min long (yes, including asking people questions and waiting for the answers, but). In spite of this, and in spite of the fact, that there was no time for questions after my presentation, I’ve received lots of compliments on it, including specifically my presenting skills, and also some position offers from other departments 🙂 I gave my usual “spil” about “do I really have to marry one person?!”, and assured my teammates the I am not leaving them for any treasures of the world.

I will definitely write more posts about this conference, but I wanted to post my presentation first, since many people asked about it.

And here is an extra bonus – a picture of me made by Preeti:


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2 responses to “Enova Tech Conference and my talk

  1. Great job Henrietta!!! Very proud of you. Glad to know someone out there is finally trying to really solve this issue. It has been a problem since you and I worked together years ago and has just gotten worse. All frameworks like Hibernate (including .NET database connectivity) suffer from making database calls too generic. It has always bothered me. Thank God you were on my team all those years ago, otherwise the application would never have been fast enough. Congratulations on a great talk.

  2. Henrietta Dombrovskaya

    So, you did have an experience with Hybernate? I only read documentation and saw the obvious limitations… Yes, here at Enova I am continuing to do the same things we started with you on the NYC DoE project. I wish you could come to work here with us 🙂

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