I am back – my presentation in the University of Saint Petersburg

I was hoping to post a lot during my week in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, but my time was so packed – I didn’t have a spare minute, so now I am posting about everything what happened last week.

On Feb 26 I was presenting in the University of Saint Petersburg, on the joint seminar of SE Department and Analytical and Information Systems Department (where my husband is a chair). It was great to be in my Alma Mater, to walk familiar paths… To see people whom I didn’t see for a while.

My talk went really well.

I was kind of concerned whether the students will understand everything I was saying, but it was just a blast! I felt exactly the same way as I felt when giving the same talk at UC. The first two rows were packed by students, they paid attention all the time, they understood each and single work I was saying, they were asking questions, answering mine, laughing at the right places, etc.

Many of them actually had some experience in the application development, so they completely understood the problems.

Here are a couple more pictures from this presentation:

Prof. Terekhov on the background is a head of SE Department:

Prof. Novikov, a head of AIS department:

And that’s me again:


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