My presentation at Moscow Chapter ACM/SIGMOD seminar

So, now, two weeks after I am finally posting about my presentation in Moscow. First I wanted to wait till the recording of my talk will be available. Now, when I have it, I am not sure whether I really want to distribute it…

Let me begin from the beginning:). First, this presentation took place in a way bigger auditorium than the one in Saint Petersburg. The number of people attending was not as big, as usual, which made it look like in general there are less people listening. My husband warned be beforehand that I won’t be able to address the first two rows the same way I did in the U of SPb, and that was, indeed the case. Also, there were no students at ll, which makes me less exited in any case… And one more thing – I’ve invited a person whom I knew from PG Conf to come, and he said, he will, and when I didn’t see him, and saw just a couple of people I knew I’ve started panicing, that I won’t be able to establish a good contact with audience. And I’ve being in panic for the first 20 minutes, till people started to react.

Turned out, that this person who promised to come and invite his friends, did invite them, although he didn’t make it himself, so after a while I’ve located them, and they started to react and life became better:)

I any case, I think I am going to ask a person, who did a recording, to share the source with me, so that I can make a smaller presentation out of it, removing Russian in the beginning and at the end, some pauses and some of my mumbling 🙂

For those of my friends and co-workers, who want to see the “unabridged” presentation – please email me!


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