Hello from Athens! I’ve presented my paper!

So, today is the third day of ICDT/EDBT Joint Conference in Athens.


I was hoping to blog from the very first day of the conference. But all departure disasters (severe flights delays) plus trying to see at least something from the most important attractions, with the conference schedule being as packed as it is… long story short I didn’t get to blogging until now, when I’ve already presented my talk.

My presentation was the first one of the Industrial track, and granted I has nervous. One of my biggest disappointments was scheduling: the tutorial by C. Mohan from IBM, the super-famous researcher, who’s work inspired my PhD dissertation many years ago, was scheduled… exactly at the same time! So I could not even invite people to my talk, because even for myself, if it would be my choice, I would choose Mohan :).

So I was pleasantly surprised to see half of the room filled for my presentation, and I was even happier to see, that some people came just for my talk, and left to listed to the rest of Mohan after that.

My husband made a recording of my talk, but as the internet in the hotel is marginal, I probably won’t be able to publish it till I will get back to Chicago.

Overall my talk was received really well. The biggest challenge for me was to make it 25 minutes instead of 80 minutes :). There wer enough questions, so the session chair didn’t need to add his own :). (And, BTW he was listening to me with great interest).

For now, as there is no video, here are my presentation slides:

And here is our published paper:

Talking to the database…

And there is more to come!



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2 responses to “Hello from Athens! I’ve presented my paper!

  1. What a wonderful experience, Hettie! It sounds like your presentation was of great interest to attendees. And how cool that it was during the same session as Mohan’s!

  2. It was awesome! And there was nobody who is doing anything close to us!

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