Mohan’s tutorial I’ve missed in Athens

When I was working on my PhD thesis (and it has been so long ago, like “people do not live that long”) I used C. Mohan’s works on non-standard transaction models as a foundation for my research. Specifically, I was developing the low-level support (block operations) for these non-standard transaction models. And honestly, at this time I had no idea, that it’s even theoretically possible to meet Mohan in person.

But I actually met him in May 2000 at the ACM/SIGMOD conference in Dallas TX, (and that was the last conference I attended before I resumed in 2012). There I actually introduced myself, and told him, I was his admirer for the longest time. I believe my husband knew him before, at least, I believe he introduced me to Mohan, although I am not sure mow.

But what’s for sure – later, when Mohan was on his sabbatical visiting multiple Europen countries, he also visited Saint Petersburg, and my husband was entertaining him there. But it any case, I was not in Russia at that time, and obviously Mohan didn’t remember me… We took a picture together, but does not look like it’s on his Facebook page yet.

Anyways, here is a tutorial that I missed:

People were saying, that this is not the first time he is presenting this tutorial, and I should have an opportunity to listen to it at some point – I hope so!


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