ICDE Conference 2014 in Chicago

I didn’t even know, this conference is going to be happening in Chicago, jet along didn’t even dream of attending it. Especially because my company just paid for my participation in EDBT – I couldn’t dare to ask them to pay another $900.

But – there were good news. My husband was informed, that he has a perfect opportunity to present Saint Petersburg as a place to held ICDE 2016. We learned about this just the day I was leaving on my previous trip – Feb 14, and this meant that I had to change my trip plans for March. It was crazy and stressful, but I’ve realized what a perfect opportunity this is presenting. I mean, I was happy and proud for my city, and I was hoping we are going to get our proposal accepted, and I’ve also realized I can just walk in and listen to all the talks I would like to.

This being said, I’ve put my EDBT badge on instead of ICDE badge, which I didn’t have, and… started to explore. First wonderful thing which happened to me was that I met a couple of people, who knew me since first ADBIS conferences in Moscow, since 1994-1996, and it was so happy that people actually did remember me from my “previous life”, and I felt at home right away.

I’ve also renewed some acquaintances I’ve made through the last couple of years when I started to go to the conferences again. And also, in contrast to EDBT I’d like to say that people were way more social here, they knew when to put their phones away and get engaged into real-life conversations. I think this just shows the maturity of the crowd 🙂

Both keynotes on ICDE were really awesome, and I’ve especially liked the first one – by Anastasia Alemaki. It always makes a huge difference, when a person delivering a talk, works in real industry or realy scientific research (not CS research, I mean). I know that some people were wondering, “what is so special about what she’s doing”, and why she is doing all this “non-pure-db-things”. But she actually shows, how to be in touch with reality, and how to deliver the end users something valuable… which is not always the case.

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