More on ICDE 2014

A couple of things, which made this conference for me so important.

As I’ve already mentioned, I was not registered to participate, and in the past in situations like this I was always shy keeping low profile and getting embarrassed when people asked me what’s my name and where I am from. Not even thinking about participating in any discussions.

This time it was very different. I had no problem telling people, that $900 conference fee is outrageous, and that my company just paid all my EDBT-related expenses, and since I am only a couple of blocks away from the conference venue, I decided I can just walk in…

I went to almost all industrial sessions, and I actually had things to say about many of the presentations, and later people would come to talk to me during the coffee breaks. I’ve realized, that all my problems were in my head, not in my badge, or the fact that I was missing one. And that I’ve grown to all new professional level.

I liked a panel discussion about in-memory databases quite a bit; and a number of people agreed with me, that to hit cache many-many times is in no way better than hitting the disk :). But the most exciting thing that happened to me was, that I met in person Karthik Ramachandra from IIT Bombay – I found the works of his group while I was collecting information on “related work” for my own paper. To be honest, I didn’t just randomly find their work, I had some insider information, but I am not supposed to disclose it :). In any case, these guys are doing lots of cool things in a manner very similar to what I am trying to do, but staying within SQL user-defined-functions. They have some automation in place, and that’s what I am desperately trying to do. We shared our experiences in how we were trying to make our respective work recognized, and realized that the CS community at large finds it difficult to place this kind of work, and everybody tends to say “this is not our’s”.

This being said, now I am even more determined to submit a workshop proposal on “this thing”. And since I finally have to name “this thing”, I am going to adopt a term used by my new friends in Bombay and to call “it” Holistic Database Applications Tuning (or HDAT). So, we know who is HD, but we still have to find out, who is “AT” :).

Stay tuned! 🙂

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