How my co-workers reacted…

I loved some of the comments I received when the graph below (which is basically the same, as the one from the previous post, but an hour later)  was posted in one of our slack channels.

First, somebody added the word ‘awesome” to my name, which is written with a black marker on the glass door of the room were my desk is located.

Second, one of my co-workers told me: “I was looking at this graph, and one of my teammates looked at it and asked: is the database down?!”

And third: one of the managers asked me, what exactly I’ve optimized, and I told him, that those were the top five most offensive queries, which were constantly running on the background. And he asked: were those generated by the ActiveRecord, or written by humans? And I replied: of cause, but humans! No automat in the world can be so creative!

Here is what they saw (the vertical line marks release time):





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