My future talk at PG Open 2014

This past week my talk proposal for PG Open 2014 was accepted, so now I actually have to write it :). It’s interesting, how everything got changed in course of the past year. A year ago I was just trying to return back to the world of conferences and presentations, and my talk acceptance for PG Open 2013 was a huge milestone for me.

And this year, three conferences later, dozen of talks later, it seems like “something expected” (although my submission to PG Conf was not accepted).

It has being a great year so far, I’ve learned a lot about myself and other people, I’ve learned my strengths, learned not to be afraid to speak up and to take responsibility; I learned to compromise more than ever, and to work towards reaching a mutually acceptable solution – as long as it takes.  A year ago I won’t imagine myself being where I am now….

In my future PG Open talk I am going to officially introduce the term HDAT, and in contrast to the last year I will be talking more about the database aspect of it. Specifically, I want to answer multiple questions I’ve being getting on how to reuse the database code designed for optimal performance. How to factor it without actually factoring it. And I hope that Grant will help me with the case study:)



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5 responses to “My future talk at PG Open 2014

  1. Svitlana Senenko

    What is HDAT? Henrietta Dombrovskaya’s AT? If yes, what is AT here?

    • He-he… good guess:). Actually, my husband has coined this term, and it stands for Holistic Database Application Tuning, which sounds better than “Hettie’s thing”. But then we have a problem you’ve just mentioned – HD is definitely Henrietta Dombrovskaya, but we still need to figure out, who is AT 🙂

  2. Svitlana Senenko

    I was so curious regarding HDAT that forgot to congratulate you, which I’m doing now 🙂 Congratulations and good luck with your plans!

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