Sometimes people just do not know what are they writing about…

Some time ago my manager shared with me a couple of links about “current state of data and databases”. One of them turned to be a perfect illustration to how we get where we got. This article The definitive guide to the modern database actually describes the current status of the databases, and what it out there.

One paragraph caught my attention:

This is the case when database engine and application are scaled-in together on the operating system level, so both of them use the same data without transmitting it through proxies. Also, a benefit of such approach is the increasing ease of use — monotonic code to deal with wrappers is no longer needed, and for some users this can become a more decisive factor than performance.

The funny thing is, that this is EXACTLY what led to our performance problems in my company!

Granted, the author never experienced how bad an OO code “can” become



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2 responses to “Sometimes people just do not know what are they writing about…

  1. You are so inspiring Henrietta. Your expertise, passion, and enthusiasm for your work are so evident. You blend a kid-like wonder and fascination with a very experienced and pragmatic approach to data management.

    You have a keen eye and I love when you point out flaws in approaches and/or strategies!

    Keep it up! I hope one day our calendars and paths will allow us to meet/work together again.

    Kind, warm regards from a great admirer!


  2. Henrietta Dombrovskaya

    Bill, thank you so much for your kind words/ they really warm up my heart. And… you know… working together with me at this time is just a click away – we hire all levels:)

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