My new role at Enova

I do not even know how to start… For the past two months, or even more I took over a new set of responsibilities, or, to be more precise, starting from the very simple statement: I want my job as a database developer for my squad to be done right, I gradually drifted into assuming more and more responsibilities, because in order to do my job right, something else should be done right, and… you got the idea. I’ve ended up talking with dozen of people from different departments, calling the meetings “just to clarify one question”, storming into other squads meetings, “because you are going to do something with the database, and I do not know, what exactly”….

So now I am officially “a Technical Lead for all Database Developers within the Software Engineering Department”. I’ve invented this role myself. Invented, because I felt a need for such a role. Invented, because my co-workers were asking me to take a leading role in the database development.

I’ve being doing so much of all this recently, that at first I didn’t see something really changing: I had my dynamic list of action items, I continue to carry on the same projects, big and small… yet on my first day in this new role I’ve spent nine and a half hours in the office, including lunch, during which I was teaching my class. When I was on the train back home reflecting on today’s day, I’ve listed all meetings and other interactions with coworkers, and small projects I was able to complete today, and they totaled to 20! I was completely exhausted by the end of the day, but I really felt I did lots of good stuff.

So, what have changed? The fact, that now it’s not an option and not a matter of my choice – whether I am taking over the “big things”. Now I just can’t stop doing those “big things”. It’s kind of frightening and exciting at the same time.

I know exactly, what I want to accomplish in my new role: I really want to bring the quality of our applications to the all new level. To promote the highest standards of development. And I know, what I am really good at (in addition to the database optimization :)) – I am good at talking to people, explaining why I am making my decisions, why I believe, that “my way is the right way”.

I am also thinking, that I’m immensely lucky to have all the trust and support from the majority of our developers. Nothing would work otherwise.

Also, I can’t stop reflecting on our never-ending discussion regarding gender inequality in IT. During the past several months I’ve learned to be persistent, to promote myself shamelessly… nothing I ever did before. And if I won’t I would never find myself in a position like my current one.

I guess… good luck to me.



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8 responses to “My new role at Enova

  1. Oleg Bartunov

    Henrietta, it was interesting to read this post ! But, please, more time to relax 🙂

  2. Congrats for your new job Henrietta!

  3. Leila Roumi

    Congratulations! Sounds like you saved your co-workers time and your company money. I always “thought” you were a good role model…and you just proved me right.

  4. Henrietta Dombrovskaya

    Thank you 🙂

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