PG Open 2014 is over…

So, the conference is over, and there are so many things I want to say about it! A year ago I talked at PG Open 2013, and it was my first talk after 15+ years of silence :). Back then I was glad I’ve got accepted, and I was so happy I was able to get the audience attention. I was also pleasantly surprised with the overall high level of the conference.

Many things have changed in course of this past year. First, I am not a novice anymore, and I can tell, that people actually consider me as a peer. Many people were approaching me and saying they remember me, that we met earlier, even not necessarily at this conference, and sometime I didn’t even remember them…

Another new thing was, that I talked Grant into presenting together with me, and I think it was a great idea. It was good, that we rehearsed properly in advance, and I think we managed to make our presentation quite dynamic, and keeping people awake and alert :). A great thing was, that last year only one person stayed after my presentation to talk to me, and this time there were five! And those were not the people, who were “just curios” – these people were actually facing similar problems in their production environment, and we shared some ideas. I felt, that now it’s not like “Hettie’s thing”, but a whole new direction of research. And this makes me feel really happy.

Also, I went around asking people whether they saw some problem(s) similar to what I’ve got. And in a couple of cases I was actually able to find the answer! I will post separately about a couple of amazingly easy solutions to my long-running problems.


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