Who are the senior people

For the past two weeks I had my friends from Moscow over. We talked about all sorts of things, including work and professional development, and at some point my guests asked me: you are saying, you need more senior database people. How you can tell, who is senior, and who is junior?

For many years I thought that the answer to this question is based on the people’s experience, or on how smart the people are. But before opened my mouth I’ve realized that now I have a different answer. That’s what I’ve told my friends:

– A person is senior, when he or she can take an initiative and develop a full solution of a complex problem, without asking for detailed instructions. It does not mean, that this person won’t consult other team members, and it does not mean that he thinks he knows best. In fact, a senior person would run his/her ideas by other people, to get a second opinion, to have an extra pair of eyes on the matter, to have a good argument. But at the same time a senior person has a plan in mind, and he won’t sit not knowing how to start; he won’t be wondering – what are my next steps.

… now, that I think about it, it’s surprising, how long did it take me to realize this….

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