My company, new hires and the culture of learning

In course of the past six months we’ve hires six new database developers. Actually, we’ve hired seven, and the seventh person will start tomorrow.

On one hand, I am absolutely excited about that. I am excited, that finally we are going to have enough staff to do all this database work I was dreaming about, and didn’t dare to suggest, because I knew we didn’t have a bandwidth for it… But at the same time having that many new people presented certain challenges. Some of our new people were coming straight from college, some did have several years of industrial experience, but with different databases, not postgres. How you onboard that many new people? How you ensure they’ve got Enova culture? That they are not overwhelmed? How you set the realistic expectations?

I believe, one of the most important things is to help people to immerse into the culture of constant learning. Learning is not about just reading the books and finding stuff online, but most importantly – about asking questions, sharing you knowledge, learning from other people successes an failures.

I absolutely love how our weekly “Hour of optimization” has turned out. I love it that for the past several weeks it’s not just me presenting, but mostly our new database developers present their work. I love that everybody are involved in discussions.

Last week I started to think about making this blog a platform for sharing all database developers achievements. We’ll see how it goes! Don’t be surprised if you’ll see some posts in this blog, which are not written by me!


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