Netflix culture

This presentation is not at all new, but I was only recently I saw it – I was pointed at it by one of my former co-workers. I’ve watched it three times already, and can’t stop thinking about it.

I have very mixed feelings about the ideas expressed in this presentation. On one hand, when you read “we’re pro spot team, not a kid’s recreational team”, you can’t help but exclaim something like: finally! somebody is speaking the truth! On the other hand, even if you think you are smart, talented, you are the star – you can’t keep but wondering: who will judge, whether I am a true star? What if I have a tough moment? Am I really ready to have this level of job insecurity?

The questions continue with virtually every statement: yes, you would love to be paid “a fair market value”, but are you ready not to get a raise, if the market is being stale? You’d love to continue living without structure, when the company grows, but are you ready to be responsible for potential issues?

For me the most important controversy is, that I do not think I can ever stop caring for my co-workers. I feel about them like friends. Not that all my co-workers are my friends, but same way as I choose carefully and wait till I’m really certain I like this person and we share the same values, and only then you can say – you are my friend…. I feel the same about my the co-workers. We have a really in-deoth interview process, we grade applicants on the problem-solving and cultural fit… After all this I do not think you can easily let the person go…


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