I am featured in the Huffington Post

This interview was recorded in October, and I was told it will be published sometime in the beginning of January, so by mid-February I almost forgot about it. But here it is – in today’s Huffington Post Women in Business section.

I will be honest – am shamelessly proud of this publication, and I really hope that it will help me to promote my ideas at work, and to accomplish all these great and wonderful things I am dreaming about:)



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8 responses to “I am featured in the Huffington Post

  1. Congratulations my sweet Henrietta!!! I’m very proud of you and you need not be ashamed of being proud of this too. I’m glad you have been recognized for the wonderful professional you are. All my best to you!

    By the way, what is this about a Nobel prize in 2013 for the work we did for the NYC Dept of Education? Can you fill me in a little?

  2. You did not know that??? Al Roth got a Nobel Prize in economics, and our work was mentioned in the statement as the biggest industrial implementation of his algorithm!

    When he got a Nobel Prize Ed Agrot emailed me immediately! So… yea… you can say there will be no Nobel Prize without me and you 🙂

    Read here for example:


    • No, I didn’t know. Thanks for the link! How exciting is that? We should be very proud.

      I hope you, your husband and your kids are great. I miss you.

  3. Thank you! We all are doing great. Me and Boris are attending the ICDE 2015 in the mid-April, I will post as much details as possible about it.

    And yes – I miss you, too, and you and your family are always welcome to visit – I have three spare bedrooms these days 🙂

  4. Neha Bhardwaj

    Congratulations Hettie! 🙂 It’s a great interview and I enjoyed reading it!

    Best, Neha


  5. Hettie! You are a SUPERSTAR!

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