ICDE 2015 – Day 1, part 1

It’s almost midnight in Seoul – I mean, it’s almost Thursday, and it’s already 3 days that I am in Korea – for the first time in my life.

It is really exiting, but I absolutely have no time for anything, including sleep: the conference is super-interesting, I met so many people with whom I never thought I could meet in person, there are lots of other interesting contacts and interesting presentation, and the social events are great!.

I really-really want to tell about everything, but I have no idea how long it will take….

To start, let me tell you about opening ceremony. It was the most unusual opening ceremony I ever saw at the database conference – it started with the musicians performing traditional Korean music:

This was followed by the opening remarks of the Korean government representative – and I never-ever saw a Vice minister opening a database conference before!

We were greeted by the Vice-Minister of the ministry on Science, ICT and Future Planning Mr. Jae-You Choi. He was saying, how important the researches in Data Engineering are for the Korean future, and how he is thankful that we all took time to come to Korea and share our thoughts, and that he wants to know what we think. Even if he didn’t mean it, it was very impressive!

Then Dr. Chang-Gyu Hwang the CEO of KT corporation – the biggest Korean wireless service provider was presenting. I was absolutely impressed with his bio – can’t find it online, so I will have to type it from our program!

This was followed by a keynote and a panel about Big Data, but I will write about it in the separate posts (at least, I hope!)



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4 responses to “ICDE 2015 – Day 1, part 1

  1. What an awesome experience Hettie! I am so looking forward to hearing EVERYTHING about the conference.

  2. Great picture H. Love it. You look happy! What an inspiration!

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