Chicago PUG with Bruce

Last Wednesday we had our Chicago Postgres User Group, and this time it was something special – Bruce Momjan  presented a talk “YeSQL: Battling the NoSQL Hype Cycle with Postgres”.

This happened to be a perfect timing, since earlier the same day a person from Riak presented a talk “Riak: When Relational Isn’t Right”. During this presentation I’ve received lots of question on my Slack from other database developers, and for all of them I’ve replied the same thing: wait till 6-30 PM.

Bruce started his presentations by explaining what he means by the “hype cycle”, which is – same as when a child is awaiting the Christmas present, it raises the hype expectations of how life will be perfect when she will get this present, and how very soon after a big day comes a disillusion, which is followed by way calmer “I can make some use out of it” attitude.

As an example Bruce mentioned the CASE Tools, which were very popular in the early 90s, to the point that may programmers and database developers actually believed that their professions will become obsolete very soon. Which, as we know, didn’t happen.

Then he proceeded with listing the problems which NoSQL systems are trying to solve and explained, which DBMS features have to be sacrificed to achieve these goals (to which I commented, that since these features aare basically the characteristics of the DBMS, that means, that we are using something else, not DMBS:)). And then for the rest of the talk Bruce gave us an overview of which of those features are successfully implemented in Postgres with little if any compromising of the important DBMS features.

Overall I think it was a great talk, and I know that most of the PUG members left the room very encouraged. And I wish more people, who are not the database developer would attend!


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