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The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership: A New Paradigm for Sustainable Success

It has been a while since I wrote about the books I read in this blog, which does not mean I didn’t read any, it’s just that my professional reading was mostly not about databases or software development. Actually I’ve read a lot of books on leadership recently, as my role at Enova evolved from the database developer to the tech lead.

Today I want to write about a book, which was recommended to my by one of y coworkers as “not another book on leadership”. And the moment I’ve started to read it, I’ve realized – yes, it’s not “yet another book”!

The book is called The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership. First I’ve listened to it as an audiobook, but later I’ve got a Kindle version, since I wanted to study each of the commitments more closely.

This is indeed a total new look – how to be a leader without stressing out. Even more importantly, the book highlights the fact, that it is nothing good in exhausting yourself – it is a sign of bad planning rather than devotion to the company goals. I am not sure, whether I will have time and energy to write about all those 15 commitments, but there is one I definitely want to write about today – “taking a radical responsibility”.

When I first read this chapter, I was shocked. Yes, I knew for a long time, that it’s a bad idea to look for a party you are going to blame for a failure. Whatever went wrong, I was not blaming others, but trying to see, what was my fault, what I could do better.

And this book goes:
– yes, blaming others is a bad idea
– but blaming yourself is also a bad idea. As well as blaming political parties, market fluctuations, will of God, etc.

Instead, you should give up an idea, that there is a “right way”. The world is… well, it is the way it is! There is nothing you “should change”, but there are plenty of things you can change, thus making a world even better.

Since I read about it, I’ve started to use this “no-blame” approach in my everyday life and at work. And my observations are – it actually helps to have discussions more constructive. I should probably write more about this

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