What I am busy with these days

I haven’t been posting anything for a while. I am still crazily busy at work, yet I’ve being feeling, that what I am doing at work right now is of almost no interest to anybody. And this feels paradoxic, because I have no doubt, that the work I am doing now is really important for company’s success. So I decides to try to break my silence and write a couple of short posts describing what I’ve being doing, hopefully it won’t be boring!

About three weeks ago we completed a very important project. I am saying “we”, although I personally did nothing, I didn’t write a single line of code. Yet all the people involved told me, that this project won’t happen without me.

The scope of the project was to clean up the objects ownership and permissions on all the database clusters which run our new platform. Doesn’t sound exciting, right? Could we continue operating without this cleanup? Definitely. But these discrepancies made many production deployments unnecessary difficult, because each time “something” might not work on “some” clusters. Besides, we could not set up the sating environment to look the same as production permission-wise.

This project called for the joint effort of DBAa, database developers and lead application developers. We did test the process the best possible way, but since we didn’t have an exact match of staging and production environment, there was still a possibility that something unexpected would happen. We’ve being switching ownerships and permissions one cluster at a time, with the system owners closely monitoring the execution of the apps. It took us three sessions to complete all the changes, and for most of the developers and the business users nothing really happened. Nobody noticed anything (which is a good thing, but then you feel like nobody really appreciate what you’ve accomplished:)).

I’ve got a moment of a real satisfaction when a couple of days later a very complex permission-sensitive deployment (one of those which would always cause pain for the application owners) went through without any issues!

Now we can model our staging environment from the correctly set production environment, and make all future permission changes even more safe and secure.



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2 responses to “What I am busy with these days

  1. Thank you, Bill! You are always too kind to me 🙂

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