Pipeline DB at PG Open 2015

Conferences are mostly about meeting people: finding people with similar research interests, getting to see in flesh people who’s work you’ve being admiring for a long time, making sure people who met you ten years ago still remember you name, and always something totally unexpected.

One of the very interesting conversations I had at the conference was with the folks from PipelineDB. Technically speaking I am not responsible for the Data Marts at Enova, my focus is on the application databases. But since the source of data for the Data Marts always reside in the application db, I’ve got very much involved in developing the processes of data transfer – from the apps to the Data Marts.

That was the reason I’ve gladly accepted an invitation to talk about PipelineDB, and about whether my company can use it. Although some of my colleagues are skeptical about a product which was forked from Postgres, I am saying it has to be seen. At the end of the day – what if we would find totally new tool for data transfer, which would have no relationships with Postgres whatsoever?

As it usually happen after you’ve been away from the office for several days (especially when “you” means almost all company database developers) you get caught in addressing the immediate needs. But I hope that in a week or so we will be able to test how will Pipeline DB can serve our needs. And if there will be definite advantages in both development time and easing the load on the application db – why not to choose this avenue?…


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