My presentation on bi-temporal model in Moscow

I am on sabbatical now, actually, I am on sabbatical for more than 3 weeks, and in five short days I will be back in Chicago. But when I was in Moscow 2 weeks ago, I made two presentations about the work on implementing bi-temporal model in Postgres.

First presentation was in the Moscow State University, and the second one – in the office of Postrges Pro. I really enjoyed the visit to their office and all the conversations we had there. Postgres Pro is a group of very talented and highly motivated Postgres experts, who can do really amazing things. I was extremely happy with how my presentation was received. The audience was really engaged, and asked excellent questions. We discussed the possibilities to working on some features together, and  I hope that this collaboration will happen.

Here is a copy of my presentation:


And here are some pictures from this event. Actually, there are tons of pictures, and I like them all :), but I’ve downloaded only a couple:







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