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ICDE 2016 – Bruce Momjian keynote

Getting back to telling all the conference stories. The first keynote on Thursday was “Postgres Battles NoSQL Hype and Future Challenges” by Bruce Momjian. I am sure many of my friends attended one of the previous Bruce’s presentation of this talk. However, this particular presentation was very important for me.


Here is why. Postgres is becoming increasingly popular in different industries. I remember that when I made my big decision to switch from Oracle to Postgres five years ago, I was very scared to get behind in Oracle was thinking about taking certification courses in between, and most importantly – could not even imagine this change will be semi-permanent. I thought of it as a short stop in my long-term relationships with Oracle. I remember at that time when people were hiring nobody even expected the candidates to have any Postgres experience.

Now – how much did it change in the past five years! Nevertheless, I could not agree more with what Boris was saying when he opened the Thursday morning session: the database research world and the Postgres world are still two different galaxies. I am not going to retell the whole story here, but let me say this: I am very happy and very proud that my efforts in “making this happened” resulted in Bruce presenting at the ICDE!

I think this keynote was very well received, and I sincerely hope that we are entering a new era in relationships of Postgres with the rest of the world :).

I’ve mentioned multiple times in this blog and on many other occasions: I believe that Postgres optimizer is the best optimizer at this time. And that the fact which we all hate about it – the absence of optimizer hints – actually serves it well. Bruce is always saying that I am asking him the most difficult questions, but this time around I had nothing to report! And not because I am not doing any programming :), but because I didn’t run into any optimizer failures recently. And to Bruce’s last slide – what the academic community can do – I would agree wholeheartedly,   that we can join the efforts to make Postgres optimizer even better!

And for those folks who still didn’t get a chance to listen to this presentation – here are the slides. Enjoy 🙂

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Our presentation

Once again, I was hoping to wait to any official or non-official pictures from our presentation… but I can’t 🙂

So I am posting our slides here.


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ICDE 2016 – the social program

There were lots of social events in Helsinki, as it always happens at the conferences, and I do not what to make an impressions that that’s all what was interesting there, but since I lost my own phone on Monday evening, I have to use other people’s photos …

OK, these are all excuses, the truth is, that I want to tell more about the social program, so I am going to combine all important events in one post.

On Monday there was a welcome reception organized by the city of Helsinki, as I’ve already mentioned in my previous post, and here is a picture of the Mayor addressing us:

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The first post about ICDE 2016

ICDE 2016 in Helsinki is almost over, and I’ve being in Helsinki for a week by now, but I didn’t get a chance to post anything.

I was by far the busiest conference for me, due to the number of different reasons. But I hope that gradually I will be able to write several posts about it.

The conference started on Monday May 16 from the Workshops. I thought I won’t be even going, but ended up attending a couple of sessions of the CloudDM workshop. I met with C.Mohan, and I have to admit it still feels totally surreal, that I know him “in flesh”, and even more surreal – that he knows me :).

I’ve lost my phone on the street Monday night, which means, I could not take any pictures, thereby I was using Mohan’s Facebook page heavily for reposting photos to my Livejournal:)

So for those of you who actually uses the Facebook – please follow him:))

On the evening May 16 we had a welcome reception in the City Hall, and the Mayor of Helsinki actually greeted each of us, and delivered a speech, and there was great food and great conversations.

Tuesday was the first day of the actual conference, and it started from the keynote by Martin Kersten,  who is absolutely great and awesome. Everybody asked for the slides of his keynote, so the next day he posted in on the conference website, and I strongly encourage everybody to take a look!

And I will post more very soon!


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About my new job – what exactly I am doing

The most important thing which I love about my new company is that we all share the same values, have the same vision. When I had a very first conversation with the COO, literally her second phrase hit the right spot! I thought immediately – we can work together. I we will work together 🙂 – and so far I could not be happier.

I’ve immediately jumped into a very important project. Like it happens to me way too often – I’ve already promised the moon and stars, and now I am thinking – what if it will take longer than I thought? I know exactly how I want to proceed with each and single part of this project, but I also know that each step can involve some unforeseen technical difficulties. It makes my life both nervous and exciting. Every morning I wake up realizing I was thinking about my project while I was sleeping, and now can tell: no, this idea which seemed so cool yesterday is not really going to work. Or the opposite – well, I know how to make this part better!

… that’s how I used to say when my kids were teenagers – it’s like having three soap operas running at the same time 🙂 – now it’s a reality show running here and now. And the outcome is still unknown…

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About my new job, or – “you get what you’ve asked for”

Now, that I am already 3 weeks into my new job – it’s finally time to write about it. To be exact, there is absolutely no time to write, since I am so busy. But that’s what all my friends are asking about: what’s my new job, and why I made this move. Especially, because is was so fast, so sudden, with no announcement – and thereby for so many of my friends it came like a lightening on a sunny day.

Many people are asking me why I decided to leave, especially because I liked my previous job so much. I was thinking, should I write about this or not, and decided against it. After all, we all know: people change. Companies change. It’s not always uni-dimensional.  Is it good or bad, for example, that we are getting older? Good in some aspects, bad in the other, but it any case, this is an unavoidable change.

Companies change as well. And you might like or not like the changes – it does not matter, the changes are unavoidable. And you have to decide, whether you are going with that change or not, whether it is still your company or not… In this case, we went our separate paths.

One thing which came to me as a surprise – when I started to think what should be my next step, and where I want to be – I’ve realized how much I’ve changed after these five years at Enova. One thing I will never deny – working at Enova made me a very different person. Before that each time I was starting to look for new job I was thinking about stability. I was definitely interested in the creative and challenging work environment, but I wanted job security more than anything else. Also, I was avoiding any type of managing. Since my very early work experience when I had to manage a small team who would develop a system based on my methodology, I was afraid that if I manage, I won’t have time to code.

Now all of this changed. I’ve realized I want more responsibilities. I want to take a risk. I want to see a direct impact of what I do on how my company is performing. And I am not afraid of risk.

I’ve also realized that I it’s not enough for me anymore to just know “what’s the right way” and “how things should be done”. Now it’s even more important for me to lead people, to convince them that the way I want things to be done is indeed the best way.

More to follow:)



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