About my new job, or – “you get what you’ve asked for”

Now, that I am already 3 weeks into my new job – it’s finally time to write about it. To be exact, there is absolutely no time to write, since I am so busy. But that’s what all my friends are asking about: what’s my new job, and why I made this move. Especially, because is was so fast, so sudden, with no announcement – and thereby for so many of my friends it came like a lightening on a sunny day.

Many people are asking me why I decided to leave, especially because I liked my previous job so much. I was thinking, should I write about this or not, and decided against it. After all, we all know: people change. Companies change. It’s not always uni-dimensional.  Is it good or bad, for example, that we are getting older? Good in some aspects, bad in the other, but it any case, this is an unavoidable change.

Companies change as well. And you might like or not like the changes – it does not matter, the changes are unavoidable. And you have to decide, whether you are going with that change or not, whether it is still your company or not… In this case, we went our separate paths.

One thing which came to me as a surprise – when I started to think what should be my next step, and where I want to be – I’ve realized how much I’ve changed after these five years at Enova. One thing I will never deny – working at Enova made me a very different person. Before that each time I was starting to look for new job I was thinking about stability. I was definitely interested in the creative and challenging work environment, but I wanted job security more than anything else. Also, I was avoiding any type of managing. Since my very early work experience when I had to manage a small team who would develop a system based on my methodology, I was afraid that if I manage, I won’t have time to code.

Now all of this changed. I’ve realized I want more responsibilities. I want to take a risk. I want to see a direct impact of what I do on how my company is performing. And I am not afraid of risk.

I’ve also realized that I it’s not enough for me anymore to just know “what’s the right way” and “how things should be done”. Now it’s even more important for me to lead people, to convince them that the way I want things to be done is indeed the best way.

More to follow:)




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