The first post about ICDE 2016

ICDE 2016 in Helsinki is almost over, and I’ve being in Helsinki for a week by now, but I didn’t get a chance to post anything.

I was by far the busiest conference for me, due to the number of different reasons. But I hope that gradually I will be able to write several posts about it.

The conference started on Monday May 16 from the Workshops. I thought I won’t be even going, but ended up attending a couple of sessions of the CloudDM workshop. I met with C.Mohan, and I have to admit it still feels totally surreal, that I know him “in flesh”, and even more surreal – that he knows me :).

I’ve lost my phone on the street Monday night, which means, I could not take any pictures, thereby I was using Mohan’s Facebook page heavily for reposting photos to my Livejournal:)

So for those of you who actually uses the Facebook – please follow him:))

On the evening May 16 we had a welcome reception in the City Hall, and the Mayor of Helsinki actually greeted each of us, and delivered a speech, and there was great food and great conversations.

Tuesday was the first day of the actual conference, and it started from the keynote by Martin Kersten,  who is absolutely great and awesome. Everybody asked for the slides of his keynote, so the next day he posted in on the conference website, and I strongly encourage everybody to take a look!

And I will post more very soon!



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