ICDE 2016 – the social program

There were lots of social events in Helsinki, as it always happens at the conferences, and I do not what to make an impressions that that’s all what was interesting there, but since I lost my own phone on Monday evening, I have to use other people’s photos …

OK, these are all excuses, the truth is, that I want to tell more about the social program, so I am going to combine all important events in one post.

On Monday there was a welcome reception organized by the city of Helsinki, as I’ve already mentioned in my previous post, and here is a picture of the Mayor addressing us:

On Tuesday there was a TCDE reception on the House of Nobility, one of our local organizers, Eljas, has his family crescent on the wall of the Main hall there

And finally there was a conference dinner at the Finlandia Hall, and that was something very-very special. I do not know how to repost the movies from the Facebook, so it may be a while till I will be able to post them, but I promise I will!


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