Bi-temporal foreign keys support – reloaded

Since I’ve started my new job at the Braviant Holding, I could not find time to continue working on our bi-temporal project. And it was really sad, but to be honest I didn’t feel like I have a single brain cell left to do anything except work.

And I cant’ tell that my today’s life is less stressful than it was for the past four months, but I for some reason about a week ago I’ve resumed that work. It was very difficult to recover details of what I was doing  almost six months ago, and why I didn’t  finish some functions, and so on; especially because I’ve move to a new laptop in between, so all of the intermediate testing, “not worth saving in the git repo” was also gone…

Long story short – today I’ve completed the generator of the functions, which will be used validate bi-temporal foreign key constraints. Than was one of the most complicated pieces of code I’ve written for this project.  But although this is the most difficult part, it’s not the only thing which is necessary for full bi-temporal integrity constraint support. The good par is, that I know exactly what should be done!


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