PG Open – day two

Technically, it was day one, since tutorials “does not count”, but since there were only 3 days total, I consider it day two :).

After Frost’s opening remarks there was a Diamond Keynote of Simon Riggs (2Quadrant was a conference Diamond sponsor)



Next was an absolutely beautiful keynote by Maryanne Bellotti, a digital service expert at US Data Services. Her keynote was so interesting and engaging that during lunch and additional Q&A session was organized. 20160914_125759

Then I’ve stopped by the sponsor’s tables;I was especially interested to talk to the representatives from Amazon AWS. I had a long list of “wants”, which they are not providing now. Just when I was approaching their table, one of their reps was giving a sales pitch to another conference participant. I’ve commented, that I can fully support everything which was just said, and that I am very happy that  such services exist, because they allow me to do fun stuff, and not to be a DBA. But at the same time there are several important things which I am missing, specifically – the FDW other than Postgres. They wrote everything down and said that they like to hear from the customers, and that when they decide what to support they listen to what their customers need… so we shall see.

And since I am a AWS customer now, and I do not have to worry about backups and replication, I’ve spent the rest of the day two listening to the interesting stuff, which was Bruce’s talk about indexing,


Oleg’s talk about RUM ( for which I had to miss Jim’s presentation)  and ended the day with one more  Steven Frost talk about performance.




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