Chicago PUG

Last Wednesday I was presenting at Chicago PUG, and do not ask me why it took me a week to write about it :). Anyways, it has been a while since I’ve presented something at PUG, so it was good to get back and meet with people I’ve known for a long time.

That was the first time I was talking about the work we are doing at Braviant, the way we are building our consolidated Data mart from multiple external data resources,  about the challenges and unknowns. Telling, how you can build a reliable reporting when you do not really own your data.

And I liked how did this conversation go. There is often a presumption, that when you use the third party services so extensively, you can’t do anything exciting, you do not really develop anything new – and that is so-so-so not true!

Talking about our accomplishments to other actually made me realize, how nice and clean our approach is, and how many technical issues have being resolved. I will try to write a separate blog post about the details.



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