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A major accomplishment

It’s almost the end of the year. And it sounds like the most improbable day to write something about work, especially voluntarily.  But I’ve being really busy working  for the past several weeks (and months, to that matter).

But now I have something really exciting to report. And that “something” happened on Wednesday last week. On that day we stopped the automated emailing of reports from the old datawarehouse. Which of cause means, that we have all needed reports set up to run and email results from the new datawarehouse, which I have being building for the past seven months.

On one hand it seems like it took too long – the data was there and available for a while. But it always takes lots of time to convince people, who are used to the old ways, that they need to switch to the new system, the the new system is better, more accurate, etc. Besides,as it almost always happens, on the day that we’ve announced that “the old reports will be discontinued”,  the whole bunch of reports never converted to the new system emerged out of nowhere…

We were able to convert all these reports, to validate their results with business, and to shut down the automated reporting as planned.  And that means a lot for me, because it’s a very practical result of all my work since I’ve joined Braviant.  I do not have any illusions regrading this “sunset”, I know that there may be still multiple cases of “I need to see this old report” and such. And even after all user access to the old system will be disabled, we’ll need to archive the data for auditing purposes. But in any case I consider the current status as a major accomplishment, and a very material result of my work.

Of cause I won’t be able to accomplish that task without my wonderful co-workers, and since we are a small company, the input of each individual made a huge impact on the successful achievement of that goal.  I am in a very good place now, in all possible meanings of this word 🙂

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Attention chicagoans!

For those of you, who work and/or live in our great city: I have some exciting news to share!

About 3 months ago my company Braviant Holdings moved to the new office; and most of my friends already heard me bragging about this new space, how cool is it. Now you’ll actually have a chance to see this office with your own eyes, since January Chicago Postgres User Group meeting will take place right there, in our new office!

Please check out the event here; if you used to attend the PUG meetups in the past but for some reason stopped, it might be a good idea to have a fresh start in the New Year. And for those of you who never attended – why not to give it a try?

We are going to expand the scope of our presentations, addressing not only “some cool stuff which only experienced DBAs can do”, but some basic Postgres “how-to”. If you are an application developer who is using Postgres, but never had a formal SQL training; if you are a data analyst, who need to run reports on Postgres database, if you are just starting some new project and are not sure which of the Open Source databases will be a right choice for you – you might find something useful attending the PUG meetups.

Even more: you can help us to decide, what will be a topic of our next meetup – we are ready to hear your suggestions. Also, the greatest Postgres DBA ever Jerry Sievers will be there to answer any questions you have.

So… please RSVP 🙂 (on the Chicago PUG page!)


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