Chicago Postgres User Group reminder

Attention Chicago, tomorrow is a day! As announced previously, January 2017 Chicago PUG will take place in the new location – Braviant Holdings office at 180 North Wacker Drive.

As a new co-organizer, I am really excited to host Chicago PUG for the first time. As you can imagine, it’s not only a location which is going to change. We are planning to focus on the actual Postgres users, not just the DBAs and Postgres developers, we want to hear from application developers, data analysts and report writers – anybody how uses Postgres to meet their business needs.

We are going to have presentations for different user levels, from beginners to advance, and we are welcoming any suggestions of topics, or just impromptu questions – there will be always enough professional in the room to get you an answer.

Please RSVP here and join the fun!

Postgres IS a service. We are here to help.


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