ICDE 2017 – Laura Haas’ keynote talk

I’ve missed the first keynote of the conference, but there was no way I could miss the second one – Laura Haas’ “Leveraging data and people to accelerate data science”.

Here is a reference for the Accelerated Discovery Lab in IBM, where you can find lots of information about different projects. The keynote talk highlighted the project related to food contamination.

Below are several pictures from the presentation.

For me the most interesting part of “Leveraging data and people” are people :). When I’ve got a chance to talk to Laura (for which I am very thankful) I’ve asked her how in her opinion the Notebooks experience is different from Slack.

I often find myself facing this dilemma: if you really monitor 10+ slack channels which you are “supposed” to monitor, you won’t have time to do anything else. But if you stay completely focused on your work and do not bother to look at any means of communication, you most likely will miss something important. This feels like global problem, which manifests itself both at work and in personal life.


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