About PG Open 2017

Usually I start to write about any conference I am attending while still at the conference. But this time around I had such a busy time, there were so many things going on, that I didn’t… and even now, two days after the conference, I am not sure where to start 🙂

Overall the conference was great. The weather in San Francisco was beautiful, the hotel was great except of the usual “too-much-air-conditioning” .

This time I didn’t sign up for any of the tutorials. so the day I came, I just met several people (which is always the goal at a conference in any case), and we also had the speakers dinner (a very nice one!).

The opening:

After the opening remarks, five keynotes followed, which I think was the largest number of keynotes I’ve ever seen, but all were extremely interesting ones.

The invited speaker Paul Vixie was talking about “then and now” of the relational databases.

I liked all he was saying until he started to talk about the generation of his son (who is just my daughter’s age), that this generation just can’t do relational databases, that they do not know math, but know everything about the json objects, so wee need to find the path to their hearts :). I even wanted to argue with him, but by the time the first session was over, I was completely frozen, so instead I’ve rushed to my room to put on my hoodie and sicks:).

The second keynote was from Simon Riggs,

who talked about Postgres 10 and its’ feature, and about Postgres conquering the world.

Then there were folks from Citus,

and then Rohan Kumar from Microsoft, but I will write more about the Microsoft presence at this conference in a separate post.


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