2Q PG Conf 2017 in Chicago

This conference took place here in Chicago on November 9, and I just loved everything about it! I will try not to repeat myself, since I’ve already mentioned about a million times what a great idea is it to have a one-day conference which is geared towards the local Postgres users. I am not sure to which extent I really helped this conference to be a success (although the organizers firmly believe I did!), but in any case it turned out ot be exactly what I was hoping it to be.

Great venue, great talks (and I do not mean mine :))

Here are some picture:

The organizers told me that there were more people registered in Chicago, than in New York (for the first two days of the conference), and I am very proud of that 🙂

Tom Kincaid’s opening remarks:

Bruce was great – as always 🙂

My former co-workers from Enova:

Our very own Shaun Thomas:

Andrew Dunstan presented a very interesting talk about Postgres types – something I was alway trying to communicate to people who want to use JSON for everything 🙂

Kirk talking about security in Postgres:

After lunch there was a panel “Postgres around the Windy City”, and ai was so looking forward to participate!

And no, I didn’t choose to sit between two “gods”, as Shaun said! But I didn’t mind 🙂

And then I forgot to give my iphone to Sri during my own talk, so no pictures pf that one! (On, and also no Mohan around :)). But that time I was really satisfied with my own presentation – the shortest so far on the subject of bitemporal model.

I think everyboddy really enjoyed the conference, and may be… we’ll have two days next year?… like NYC 🙂

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