The SIGMOD 2018 conference in Houston TX is approaching it’s end, and it’s the first time a had a moment to sit down and write a paragraph about it. All I can say – I am really happy to be here.

I was questioning whether my participation in the conference will be productive, when I do not have a paper to present, and also whether it is a wise idea to go away for a week when I am still a one person shop, and me being at the conference effectively means a pause in all database-related development.  But now I am really glad I did.

There were a number of talks which made clear connections between theory and practice and reminded me one more time that there can be a very fast path from an idea to the production implementation, when you know what exactly you need.   As they say, the theory without practice is fruitless, the practice without theory is blind. A number of talks addressed very specific problems I was trying to resolve, and all I wanted to do was just to say thank you to the people who’ve made my life easier.

Hopefully there will be more to follow, and for now I just want to thank my company, Braviant Holdings for the support of employees professional development and for understanding it’s importance.


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