2Q PGConf 2018 in Chicago – important update!

Dear friends, colleagues and followers! Do you remember, how awesome the first 2QPGConf in Chicago was? I really hope that the second 2QPGConf will be even better!

So what is my important update? Here: the talks submission deadline has been extended to September 12.

I think that this fact (the deadline have being moved to after the Labor Day and after the PG Open) will allow way more people to submit their talk proposals. I truly believe that you should not be “somebody” to submit a talk proposal. Let’s be honest: there are only “so many” new features in each of the Postgres releases, no matter how new and exciting they are. But each and single practical implementation is unique. Each and single faces its own challenges. And yes, the whole purpose of the knowledge exchange on the conferences is not to repeat other mistakes, to learn from the best practices, which might work… or not 🙂

In any case, here is my message: if you are doing something interesting with Postgres, please consider a talk submittion! To all the benefits of the local conferences I’ve listed in my post a year ago, I will just add one thing: if your talk is accepted, you attend the conference for free 🙂

So… see you there?!

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