2Q PG Conf Follow-Up

The 2Q PG CONF 2019 is over, and I can’t stress enough how much it meant for me!

First to mention, the third year in a row a conference was a success, and I hope that the conference organizers feel the same! I wanted to thank the 2nd Quadrant for having this conference in Chicago, and to thank all the participants who attended. Same as for the previous two years I ran an advertising campaign for the conference, and my hopes are that now the Chicago Postgres community has this conference on their calendars and will continue to contribute.

For me, it was the first time I conducted a whole-day training; usually, the material we covered is delivered in 3-4 separate sessions. I am thrilled that the training was full, and nobody switched to a different session in the middle:). Also, that was the first time in 30+ years that Boris and I did the training together, and we survived this experience:). 

I was uncertain whether it makes sense to have yet another bitemporal talk, but it was very well received and looked like much needed. 

Also, I had a lot of interesting conversations and new connections. 

A word to all the conference participants as well as to those who for some reason, could not make it:

  • I am looking for volunteers to try bitemporality in the real-life environment, and I promise continuous support!
  • I am looking for potential collaborators to make NORM (No ORM framework) to the Postgres extension
  • If you are in Chicago and not a Chicago PUG member – please consider joining
  • If you are interested in my Ultimate Performace training – please contact me!
  • If you didn’t have a chance to ask me a question you wanted to ask during the conference – please contact me!

Yes, I am busy, but if you never submit your request to the queue, I will never know you have one!


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2 responses to “2Q PG Conf Follow-Up

  1. Lena

    Hi Hettie, what skills are you looking for in collaborators and what sort of work needs to be done?

  2. Hettie D.

    For pg_bitemporal I am looking for people and companies who will be willing to use it in production and find what does not work :). I am also looking for people who could help to convert it from plpgsql to C. I would like to make it a usable extension, although my hope is that the AVF can become a part of Postgres core.

    For NORM, the first thing would be also trying to utilize this approach in production, so I am looking for both DB developers and app developers who would be willing to give it a shot. With NORM we do not have any libraries yet, just .a concept, and I would love to have a discussion, which part of it can be automated so that it could be used as Postgres native ORM>

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