Chicago PostgreSQL User Group in 2023

On January 17, Chicago PUG started the new year by welcoming Ryan Booz. Ryan’s presentation Successful Database DevOps with PostgreSQL. Although I already thanked Ryan and want to thank him again – the presentation was phenomenal! We had an extended discussion after his talk, and even the next day, people in my office kept talking about it! I should mention that there was a poker tournament in the room adjacent to the one where we had our meetup. A couple of people migrated to our room to listen to the presentation!

So – thanks again, and a link to the slide deck would be great!

And guess what – the February meetup is now less than a month away! On February 15, our speaker will be Kirk Roybal, who presented at Chicago PUG many times, and I am so glad he can do it in person again!

If you are in Chicago or close enough to be able to attend in person – please register here. It is so good to see people’s faces!

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