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Three years with Bravinat Holdings

LinkedIn has announced it a little bit earlier, but my actual 3-year anniversary was yesterday, April 18.  Three years ago I wrote in my journal:

Real people. The calm state of mind I haven’t had for so long, I can’t even remember. Meaningful conversations. I can talk about important things, and people listen My opinion matters. I am happy.

Three years ago I can repeat all of the above.





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April Chicago PUG meetup is tomorrow!

Just one last reminder about tomorrow’s Chicago PUG Meetup: tomorrow we are hosting CockroachDB Lab, and I encourage everybody, including our members who were hibernating during this cold winter, to attend!

Here is a short summary of the talk:

CockroachDB is a distributed SQL database at scale for cloud native. It was Inspired by Spanner, but created as an open-source Postgres-compatible database with strong ACID guarantees. It gives an alternative to a standalone Postgres server to answer the most important questions we have to handle after we take our databases into production: How can I keep the database from going down? How can I migrate it between clouds? And, considering it’s a cluster, how can you keep the database instances consistent with each other?

CockroachDB takes on these challenges by allowing you to write your Postgres apps as if you’re talking to a single instance: your SQL code works the same way and you use standard Postgres drivers. But instead of replicating the data, the data is automatically written to a raft-consensus cluster that guarantees serializable isolation to stay consistent automatically.

CockroachDB is easy to play with in a lab and this talk will show you how. Your database can then seamlessly migrate to the cloud, and even scale between datacenters giving your Postgres database flexibility as you move from development through production. Come to this session to see how this technology works and learn how to download the open source and work with it in your own environment.

If you are planning to attend, but didn’t register yet, please take a moment to RSVP on the meetup page here. (to ensure we have enough pizza!)

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PG Conf New York

It’s the first time I’ve attended the New York PG Conf, and we had two talks ln the very first day of Development track! I was a little bit nervous, but it went really well!

Tha presentation which we did together with Alyssa Ritchie was almost the same we did on PG Open and 2Q PG Conf (except that I’ve decided to change it significantly the night before!), and my short presentation was an extended presentation about remote function calls, which I did at the 2Q PG Conf. And here is it’s recording:

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Radio broadcast about Chicago PUG

If you didn’t have a chance to listed to the live broadcast lat Friday – enojoy the recording:

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Chicago PUG will be live on the radio!

This Friday Jan 4 I will be on the Tech Scene Chicago Radio Broadcast talking about Chicago Postgres User Group. It will be aired live at 105.5 FM at 1PM, and will be replayed next twp Saturdays at 9AM and next Friday Jan 11 at 1PM. It will also streamed on I have no idea yet what the questions are going to be, but my goal is to promote PostgreSQL (Chicago-wide and world-wide:))

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Braviant Holdings talks at 2Q PG Conf

Better later, than never: by popular demand here are the videos of both talks from Braviant Holdings, presented at 2Q  PG Conf. Enjoy 🙂


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2Q PG Conf 2018 Chicago was a success!

It’s the second time that 2QPGConf was coming to Chicago, and this time around it was even better, than last year! This year it was a two-days conference, with a day of training preceding the actual conference day.

I’ve been asked by many people, what exactly did I like about the conference, so I thought I will put it in writing.

First, I really like an idea of regional conferences, I think they play a very important role in giving the users direct access to the leading specialists, an opportunity to know what other people are doing, and all of it at a reasonable cost. Not all the companies are as good as mine to have a budget for professional development for each employee, and many are reluctant to let their employees being away from work for a week. Or, as I was told, sometimes companies won’t even allow their employees to attend the conference unless they have an accepted talk. And it is so much easier to convince your manager to let you go for a day :).

Secondly, I really liked the talks, I think it was an excellent selection, both on technical level and on variety of topics and areas of use. These talks sparked a lot of conversations, and lots of new contacts have been made. Actually I think a couple of extra hours of networking would be great.

For me the most important thing was that I was able to promote Chicago PostgreSQL User group. I am really happy that our group is now considered to be one of the most successful in the country, and that people turn to me for advice on how to start (or re-energize) the groups in other cities. I hope that my work helps to promote Postgres as a database of choice. Actually in his opening keynote Tom Kincaid was talking about Postgres becoming more and more popular among developers, and I think that people are just starting to realise all it’s potential!

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