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Bruce Momjan’s talk at PG Open will be replayed in Chicago – stay tuned!

Once again, I did’t write more about PG Open, although I had grand plans. But there were so many interesting talks, that I am still going to write about them, even though it’s already 3 weeks past the conference.

One talk I really enjoyed, was Bruce Momjian “The Window Magic“. You can find the presentation here.

That’s what I really liked about it. Window functions are hard. Seriously. This is one of those things, where you know there are options and answers to everything, but figuring out how to do this takes so long that you almost do not want to do this. What I absolutely love about this presentation is the fact, that it starts from the very basic example, and then adds one feature after another, and each time it is one easy – and logical! – step. And the amazing thing is, that Bruce manages to make sense out of literally each and single option, and they all make sense! None of them looks artificial or “why anybody would want to do that?”

Granted, it won’t be me, if I won’t have any comments :). The comment I had here was, that people should be warned that the window functions are resource consuming. The moment you really figure out this magic, you want to use it everywhere, even instead of min/max with group by! And the execution time will be very different in this case.

And now the best part – Bruce graciously suggested to bring his talk right here to Chicago!  Thereby we are moving the November PUG date – it is now scheduled for November 8.  Please RSVP to this event here.


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About PG Open 2017

Usually I start to write about any conference I am attending while still at the conference. But this time around I had such a busy time, there were so many things going on, that I didn’t… and even now, two days after the conference, I am not sure where to start 🙂

Overall the conference was great. The weather in San Francisco was beautiful, the hotel was great except of the usual “too-much-air-conditioning” .

This time I didn’t sign up for any of the tutorials. so the day I came, I just met several people (which is always the goal at a conference in any case), and we also had the speakers dinner (a very nice one!).

The opening:

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Postgres conference in Chicago Nov 9 2017

It is my pleasure to advertise an event, which will be happening in Chicago in November:  2Q PGCONF 2017.

This conference is organized by the 2ndQuadrant, and it will be held in two locations: New York Nov 7-8 and  Chicago Nov 9. Participants can register and/or submit their talks for each of the locations separately.

If you ask me, I think that a one-day conference is great thing. It’s  much more doable, then several days conference, and your manager is way more likely to agree to you being one day away from work, than several :). This being said…

– Please consider participation (please register on the web site)

– Please consider submitting a talk (the deadline in Aug 22!)

– Please help us to find sponsors!





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Not exactly my Alma Meter but still!

The champions are from my hometown, and my actual Alma Mater is among the winners!

ACM Bulletin Archives
May 25, 2017
to view image click on
Russian Team Takes World Champion Title in ACM ICPC Programming Contest

to view image click on Three students from St. Petersburg University of IT, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) earned the title of 2017 World Champions in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest (ICPC). Teams from University of Warsaw, Seoul National University and St. Petersburg State University finished the competition in second, third and fourth places and were recognized with gold medals in the prestigious competition, which ended today in Rapid City, South Dakota.

ACM-ICPC is the premier global programming competition conducted by and for the world’s universities. It is conceived, operated and shepherded by ACM, sponsored by IBM, and headquartered at Baylor University. For more than four decades, the competition has raised the aspirations and performance of generations of the world’s problem solvers in computing sciences and engineering.

At ICPC, teams of three students tackle eight or more complex, real-world problems. The students are given a problem statement, and must create a solution within a looming five-hour time limit. The team that solves the most problems in the fewest attempts in the least cumulative time is declared the winner, with the top 12 teams receiving medals.

ICPC Regional participation included 46,381 students and faculty in computing disciplines from 2,948 universities in 103 countries on six continents. A record 50,145 students and 5,073 coaches competed in ICPC and ICPC-assisted competitions this year.

“As computing increasingly becomes part of the daily routines of a growing percentage of the global population, the solution to many of tomorrow’s challenges will be written with computing code,” said ACM President Vicki L. Hanson. “The ICPC serves as a unique forum for tomorrow’scomputing professionals to showcase their skills, learn new proficiencies and to work together to solve many real-world problems. This international event fosters the innovative spirit that continues to transform our world.”

Full results of the competition are available here.

Read the news release.

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ICDE 2017 in San Diego – what was happening on Day 2

Again very briefly:

  • An absolutely brilliant keynote by Laura Haas from IBM . The talk about Big Data, how to make sense out of it, and what was most interesting for me – about the human factor in dealing with the Big Data.
  • The IEEE Awards presentations, I especially liked the one by Susan Davidson from the University of Pennsylvania about data citation (will definitely write more about this presentation)
  • The panel on Data Science education – probably the most interesting panel I was ever present at 🙂
  • The next ICDE was announced, and it’s going to be in Paris, which is super cool, but the deadline is way earlier than I’ve expected… so it will be a challenge…

One more keynote, one more Industry session, and I will be on my way back to Chicago

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The change of venue for ACM/SIGMOD 2017

I understand, that these are old news, and that during the past two weeks plenty of way more important things had happened. But nevertheless I wanted to say, that I was very happy when I received the news which I copy below. Knowing how much time and effort it takes to organize events like this, and how exceptionally difficult is it to re-settle a conference of that size in the new place, i can only say one thing – I am very proud of the community!

Dear members of the SIGMOD/PODS Community:

On January 16 (Martin-Luther-King Day in the USA), the SIGMOD Executive
Committee decided to move the ACM SIGMOD/PODS 2017 conference out of
North Carolina to a new, still undecided location. The decision was made
unanimously by the Committee following extensive discussions with the
SIGMOD Advisory Board.

The SIGMOD/PODS community is open and inclusive. It embraces all forms
of diversity, including diversity of gender identity. Our commitment to
these fundamental principles would have been in question if we held the
SIGMOD/PODS 2017 conference in North Carolina, hence the decision to move.

The decision was triggered by North Carolina’s HB2 bill and the decision
of North Carolina’s policy makers not to repeal HB2 in December 2016.
With its decision, the SIGMOD organization follows the example of many
other organizations (science, industry, sports, and arts) to move major
events that were planned to take place in North Carolina to other
locations. A total of 68 international companies (including many companies
that employ members of the SIGMOD/PODS community around the world) and
several states of the USA have protested and taken a stand against HB2.
The Department of Justice of the United States has filed a lawsuit
against HB2 and the state of North Carolina.

It has also come to our attention that many members of the SIGMOD/PODS
community, including some of our senior leaders, have already decided to
not attend any conference in North Carolina to show solidarity with the
LGBTQ community. A conference without full participation and with only
limited discourse between the members of the community is undesirable.
Furthermore, many of our industrial sponsors are likely to not want to
be affiliated with conferences held in North Carolina.  We do not wish
to strain our relations with our sponsors and friends from industry.

This decision has many practical implications for which we need your
help. We are actively working to find a new venue and will announce the
outcome as soon as possible. In the meantime, please hold back with travel
arrangements. Changing the venue might also involve changing the dates.
If you have already made travel arrangements, please contact us. We are
also looking into issues related to visas. We apologize for any
inconvenience this decision may cause and will try our best to alleviate
any resulting difficulties.

We thank the North Carolina local organizing committee, led by Rada
Chirkova and Jun Yang, for all the work that they have done so far.
Rada and Jun have graciously accepted to continue to serve as general
co-chairs of the relocated conference. Without their help, relocation
would not have been possible. The Program Committee, lead by Dan Suciu,
will continue to organize the program as planned. We are extremely
thankful to all volunteers for their commitment.

The decision to relocate the SIGMOD/PODS 2017 conference was not
taken lightly. It was made after an intense debate over the last two
weeks from which it became clear that there was no easy solution to
the issue that had emerged. We truly hope that this decision will help
unite the SIGMOD/PODS community, sending a message of inclusiveness
and respect for one another.

SIGMOD Executive Committee

Donald Kossmann
Anastasia Ailamaki
Magdalena Balazinska
K. Selcuk Candan
Yanlei Diao
Curtis Dyreson
Yannis Ioannidis
Christian S. Jensen
Jan Van den Bussche

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ACM Hour of Code Dec 5-11

I am re-posting the ACM newsletter about thee upcoming Hour of code – please consider organizing something in your community!


Organize an Hour of Code in Your Community During Computer Science Education Week, December 5-11

Over the past three years, the Hour of Code has introduced over 100 million students in more than 180 countries to computer science. ACM (a partner of, a coalition of organizations dedicated to expanding participation in computer science) invites you to host an Hour of Code in your community and give students an opportunity to gain the skills needed for creating technology that’s changing the world.

The Hour of Code is a global movement designed to generate excitement in young people. Games, tutorials, and other events are organized by local volunteers from schools, research institutions, and other groups during Computer Science Education Week, December 5-11.

Anyone, anywhere can organize an Hour of Code event, and anyone from ages 4 to 104 can try the one-hour tutorials, which are available in 40 languages. Learn more about how to teach an Hour of Code. Visit the Get Involved page for additional ideas for promoting your event.

Please post activities you are hosting/participating in, pass along this information, and encourage others to post their activities. Tweet about it at #HourOfCode.

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