Workshop proposal

First International Workshop on Holistic Database Application Tuning (HDAT)


Traditional approach to improving application performance treats the application code and the database queries optimization as two completely separate and independent processes. The application tuning includes code refactoring, tuning memory allocation, and other, while the database optimization is targeted towards optimization of stand-alone queries, including query rewriting and database schema changes on one hand, and tuning of the database system parameters on the other. Application and database developers have a great variety of tools available, which help with these kinds of optimization, including DBMS–specific tools and third-party products.

However, in many cases the reason for poor performance is “too many too tiny queries”, which consume a significant portion of database resources. Recently, a growing number of database researchers and practitioners have started to target this area, whoever almost all of them face difficulties in finding a forum to exchange their ideas and results. Both the database community and software development communities find these researches to be outside of their scope.  Meanwhile, we often observe the situations, when all other optimization options are exhausted. Often organizations reach the limits of the available hardware, and on the other hand, simple queries, executed as separate database calls, block any attempts for database queries optimization.

We believe, that a separate workshop will help this research track to establish itself and to unite the efforts in achieving an outstanding application performance

The topics for workshop submissions include but are not limited to:

– Algorithms and tools for identifying and fixing the delinquent code patterns in the database functions

– Alternatives to ORM

– Extensions of ORM which allow to improve application/db interaction

– Benchmarks to measure overall application performance

– Monitoring tools which would target these particular characteristics

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