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My name is Henrietta (Hettie) Dombrovskaya, and the information management is my real passion. I was born in Saint-Petersburg, Russian (actually, back then – Leningrad, USSR), and graduated from the University of Saint Petersburg with applied math and teaching majors, since back then there was no “computer science” major at all.

First being exposed to the Wonderful World of Data in March 1983 I loved it! This was a true love “from the first glance”, and I told myself that I want to work with data for the rest of my life. And so I did – so far. As of September 2019, marking my 36th year of being in IT industry, and never being unemployed (so far:)).  I’ve got my PhD in CS, which already existed by that time, from the same University in May 1995, and between my BS and PhD got three children. The youngest one chose to follow her parent’s step, and I feel quite amused each time I open my e-mail and see a note from her: Mom, how I can optimize this query?…

I love teaching, although I never was a full-time teacher, but I compensate for it by  teaching everybody around me, sometimes against their will.

I worked in all industries you can imagine, but looks like once you get to finances you can’t get out! Among all my previous places of work Enova definitely stands out. The five years I’ve spent there allowed me to reach a completely new level professionally, and also return to research and to presenting at the conferences, which I haven’t been doing for over 15 years.

Starting from April 2016 I’ve joined Braviant Holding, and now experience the wonderful world of startup unfolding… Love it, love adventure, love responsibilities, love seeing the outcome of my technical decisions showing on the bottomline right away!

P.S. For those who came across this page in search of my personal blog, the latter one is located at https://hettie.family.

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  2. From me too, thank you for following my blog.

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